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What is Alta Ipsum?

Alta Ipsum was conceived and created by Benjamin Anagnos, a New York City educator with over 25 years of experience. Following two years of extensive testing by students in 7th to 11th grade, Alta Ipsum is designed to help students organize their schoolwork, plan in advance, and track their progress towards academic goals they set for themselves.
On computers, tablets, and smartphones, Alta Ipsum delivers a set of powerful tools that helps students get the most out of their education while building critical organizational skills they will use for the rest of their lives.

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Powerful and User-friendly

The simple and elegant website, along with the companion iOS and Android apps, contain sophisticated features that help you take control of your work, reduce procrastination, and do your best. You also get points for each task and a reminder to treat yourself every time you earn 500 points! Developing good habits is challenging, so it’s important to recognize your accomplishments and reward yourself to stay motivated. Using the Reviewer feature, you can also share your profile with a parent, teacher or tutor. We could all use a little support and encouragement as we strive to do our best.

First you set goals for each of your classes. Then you simply use it the same way you use your planner – but Alta Ipsum gives you so such more. Read on or watch the short instructional videos.

Enter an assignment and Alta Ipsum creates a study plan of dates and times that you can customize at your convenience. Alta Ipsum helps you think about how and when to complete each task, so you can avoid doing things at the last minute, get better grades, and achieve your goals. You can also upload a file or take pictures with your phone. This virtual binder is now accessible anywhere – no more fear of losing papers!

For graded assignments, Alta Ipsum will recommend a score calculated using your course goal and current average. You can also set your own goals for individual assignments. Study plans and recommended scores can be accepted as defaults, so using Alta Ipsum takes less time than writing assignments in your planner.

The Dashboard and Planner display your assignments color-coded by subject with a timer feature to keep you focused and on track. Reminders and upcoming graded assignments can be seen at a glance. Alta Ipsum will also notify you to record grades, note any mistakes or teacher comments, and take pictures for future reference.

The Tracker shows your current average in each class based on the grades you have entered and compares it to your goal. There are also graphs that show you how you are doing at any point during the year. The graphs help you quickly identify areas of weakness so you can put in extra study time before an exam or go see a teacher for explanation.

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