Privacy Policy

Subscribers to Alta Ipsum are required to provide some personal information. Alta Ipsum makes these promises about how your information will be kept and used.

General Policies

  1. You agree that Alta Ipsum will make your personal information available to our employees or contractors engaged in producing or maintaining the Alta Ipsum service. These people will be bound by the same rules of use to which we bind ourselves.
  2. In the event we ever wish to share any of your personal information with anyone else, we will do so only if and when you explicitly state that we may when we contact you about it.
  3. Alta Ipsum will always make clear how we intend to use the information we are collecting. We will never use the information we collect for any other purpose beyond those stated here.
  4. If you unsubscribe and wish us to remove identifying information – name and email address – from our records, we will do so upon request made at

Credit Card Information

  1. When you sign a student up for Alta Ipsum, we set up a recurring payment for the student's subscription. Subscriptions cost $25 per year and automatically renew every month to ensure uninterrupted service.
  2. Alta Ipsum does not keep any of your credit card information. We pass it all, via secure HTTPS communications, to our online payments partner, Stripe. They are security experts, so we trust them to keep your information safe for you. Any time we need to charge your card, we ask Stripe to do it for us. No one at Alta Ipsum will ever know your credit card information.

Personal Names

  1. Alta Ipsum only collects our students’ names for use on customized web pages, in direct communication with the student and her or his parents or other adults authorized by the parents to receive communications about the learner. So, the Alta Ipsum welcome page may read "Welcome John Smith" when John Smith logs in, and emails to John Smith or his parents will include his name.
  2. Learners' names will only be used as described in the general policies and only in cases in which we are providing services to the learner, e.g. in an internal bug report we might mention the learner who experienced the problem we are solving so that we may direct a personal message back to her or him when the matter is resolved.

Email Addresses

  1. Your email address will be used to send emails directly related to your use of Alta Ipsum. These uses include password reset emails, reminders about upcoming assignments, and reminders to log in and use Alta Ipsum if you have been away for long.
  2. We will remove any visitor's email and other information from our records upon request. To make such a request, contact us at

School Information and Scores

  1. We consider information about our students’ schools and the scores they get on tests, assignments, and projects to be their private information. We will generally limit access to them to the student and her or his parents. If we share them, we will remove any identifying information about the student from the information we share so that no one can tell whose school, courses, or scores they have access to.
  2. We collect our students’ scores to help them track their progress in classes. We may share with others some anonymous or aggregated information about our users' scores, but we will not provide any identifying information. For example, we might produce public marketing material that reveals that our members increase their scores in science topics by 15%, or we might plot a single learner's scores on a graph and share that graph with potential new Alta Ipsum users. In these cases, no students' names will be included. We will always provide the minimum of general information about our students. So we might share that the individual student is in 9th grade, or is at a specific school, but only if it is pertinent.