Terms of use

Alta Ipsum, LLC provides its services to subscribers with the following understandings.

Subscriber responsibilities:

  • Subscribers will not share access to their Alta Ipsum accounts with others.
  • Subscribers will not capture or copy source code, or take screenshots of Alta Ipsum’s subscriber-only pages, or otherwise copy our assets with the intention of producing or aiding another service.
  • Subscribers will not attempt to violate the privacy of other subscribers. Unacceptable behavior includes any attempt to gain access to, or distribute to anyone, the names, emails, ages, addresses, school enrollment information, or scores of any other subscribers.
  • If subscribers fail to meet these responsibilities, Alta Ipsum reserves the right to end their subscriptions immediately, as well as the right to pursue legal recourse as applicable.

Our responsibilities:

  • Alta Ipsum will retain all the data its subscribers provide to the Alta Ipsum application in the course of using the application, under the terms provided in the Privacy Policy. You may obtain copies of all this data within 30 days of requesting it at help@altaipsum.com.
  • You may request to cancel your subscription at any time via email help@altaipsum.com. You will not be charged for further use of Alta Ipsum.
  • We will send, at your request, a copy of these terms and conditions to the email address you are providing.