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Support your students in learning better

Alta Ipsum is a mobile app that helps students develop their executive function skills and learn more efficiently.

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Strong executive functioning skills are critical to student success.

When executive functioning skills are under-developed, students have difficulty learning new concepts, managing their time, and doing their best.

The benefits of good study habits

Educators can make the most of their efforts by helping students develop better organization, planning, and time management skills.

Help your students do their best.

By helping students easily stay on top of everything from homework assignments to extracurricular activities, universities, schools, and teachers can foster a better learning culture.

A digital executive functioning coach

Alta Ipsum is designed as a digital executive functioning coach to help students understand their strengths and weaknesses, study more effectively, and do their best academically.

Executive functions at a glance

A dashboard delivers a daily schedule with an overview of assignments as well as study plans, personal goals, and current progress, allowing students to self-monitor their learning.

A planner let you keep an eye on your homework and assignments

Assignments, study plans, and a planner with reminders

A calendar that helps students plan out short- and long-term tasks, assignments, and study plans, with reminders to help complete tasks.

Keep on track with your school result thank to AltaIpsum app

Student achievement tracker

A graph of progress towards personal goals to help students stay on track and utilize concrete executive function strategies, helping them achieve their goals and get better results.

The key components of developing executive functioning skills

  • Support students to manage their assignments so they can do their best
  • Motivate students to develop executive function strategies with their own goals and study plans.
  • Assess your students' skills-development with the Reviewer feature.
  • Reinforce habits for academic achievement and success
  • Teach students organization, time-management, working memory, and self-regulation skills

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Executive functioning augmented

Alta Ipsum was created by an educator who wanted to help his students learn more efficiently, so he developed this website and mobile app to help users develop their executive functioning skills. School web-portals are great, but they only tell students when their work is due, not when they are going to do their work. Alta Ipsum's study plans help students take control of their schoolwork, focus on their assignments, spread their studying out over time, and get it all done. By reducing procrastination and the stress that comes with it, students end up with more free time to relax and play because they are following better, more effective study habits. Students are happy, parents are happy, and teachers are happy - everybody wins!

Schoolwork Dashboard

Get a bird’s-eye view of your activities and schoolwork.

Reviewer feature of AltaIpsum let you share your result with your parents, teachers and tutors

Grade and Goals Tracker

See progress towards student achievement and personal goals.

A planner let you keep an eye on your homework and assignments

Planner and study plan assistant

Stay organized with a time management feature that helps students plan current and long-term tasks.

Keep on track with your school result thank to AltaIpsum app

Timers and Reminders

To help students stay focused, motivated, and on track by developing the right routine.

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What People Say About Us

“Alta Ipsum enables me to take control of my work and manage my work in a way I did not think was possible.
It's a program that is easy to use and helps tremendously with things like organization that get in the way of studying.”

Akhil M.
9th grade Friends Seminary

“Alta Ipsum was extremely useful during exams because it allowed me to plan out my work and visualize the time I needed. It also made me feel more confident after I checked off the subject on my planner because I felt that I truly was finished studying.”

Alexander R.
8th grade St Bernard's School

“I use Alta Ipsum most for planning long- term assignments - it keeps me honest and forces me to start studying more than just the day before! It also makes the task of studying less daunting because it breaks it up into smaller chunks.”

Analise R.
11th grade Hunter College High School

“Basil tells me he uses it and believes it to be really helpful. That is a huge turn around! I've noticed that he tracks his assignments ahead of time and, overall, is better organized!”

Anne C.
mother of Basil C.
Mother of Basil C.

“I thought the most useful aspect of Alta Ipsum was the ability to check your status in each subject and determine how much work needed to go into any particular subject. The calendar was also very useful.”

Basil C.
1Oth grade The Browning School

“Being able to estimate the time it takes me to do my homework and to see what homework I have in the planner made me feel less stressed and really helped me time assignments out. The reminders were also a major plus!”

Eliza W.
9th grade Convent of the Sacred Heart

“I like the fact that it records when you are working on an assignment and for how long because it helps me be more efficient. Alta Ipsum is both a form of organization and motivation. The more you use it, the more you rely on it.”

Hannah B.
10th grade Joel Barlow High School

“Alta Ipsum is great in that it makes you face your grades head on; when your report card comes, it won't be a surprise. It's also super helpful during exam time because you can actually see graphically what subjects you need to review.”

Nathalie C.
11th grade The Brearly School

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